About us.

PitchandMatch is the joint creation of professionals from the development industry, benefiting from twenty years of experience and feedback from many successful projects. We know the expectations of all types of clients in the market, whether they are small, medium or large companies.

This is why our mission is now to give the power to companies with needs for IT expertise and the relevant providers to connect in the most effortless and meaningful manner, so they can achieve great things together.

PitchandMatch is also about passion, our CEO and founder Sylvain SAILLARD, being an active member of the FrenchTech ecosystem, and multiculturalism with our French-Romanian team. 

The Team

Sylvain Saillard
Co-Founder & CEO

Morgan Guffroy
Co-founder & CBO

Laurent Willi
Co-founder & CMO

Cristina Baluta
Marketing / Copywriting

Dan Zaharia
PitchandMatch Onboarder