PitchandMatch propose you six types of engagement models to start your journey with:

Staff Augmentation

Whatever the size of your company, you may need some great expertise or know-how in order to fulfill your goals and complete your internal team. By choosing this type of engagement, the vendor is responsible for the delivery of the asked work through the prestation of his employee that will join your team for the time you need him.

New product development

You wish to realize the first version of your project and thus define a solid base of architecture which will have to make persistent the upgrades of version and the implementation of new functionalities.


You want to add new features to an existing application, develop a Minimum Viable Product from scratch, or directly develop a new product, whatever your project is, our Project-Based formula is done for you. The vendor will achieve your project being completely responsible for it.

Firefighting response

You have had an incident during the operation of your application and you do not have support for this application? It can be tedious and complicated to find the right partner who will perform an optimal reverse engineering and restore the stability of your application.

Support and maintenance

Your project is operational and you wish to transfer the maintenance competences to an agency.

Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

You are searching for a local remote partner to operate a team for a defined duration before integrating them to your company, this is the type of engagement you need. It allows you to evaluate the quality of work from the said team by being really close to them and reducing the risk of developing large team remotely.