Frequently Asked Questions

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Only top class vendors with solid background and references A 360° market view Professionals who know your industry and your technologies P&M at your side to advise you on the entire consultation process Simply, quickly hire the best engineers and developers or partners It’s totally free for you as a customer

PitchandMatch is for the large an small companies that: Want to find the right partner, or profile to develop their activity Want checked and experienced vendors to success their projects Are searching for innovative solutions Are looking for long-term partnerships

PitchandMatch is remunerated by vendors through a success fee for matched engagements.

We are happy to hear that! Please feel free to contact us at any time : Email us : Call us: +40 771 481 101

Each supplier is carefully evaluated before entering the PitchandMatch platform through multiple vigilence points such as : financial balance, customers ratings and testimonials, stability of staffing etc.. Then, vendors evaluations are carried out for each new project processed throughout the life of the platform.

No, we won’t ask you for money at any time.

Sign up to PitchandMatch by clicking on this link. You can sign in with your business email, or with LinkedIn/Google. Feel free: No personally identifiable information (PII) will be disclosed to vendors unless you give explicit consent in the vent of shortlisting or engaging a vendor on PitchandMatch.

If you have signed up, login to PitchandMatch easily by clicking on this link.

PitchandMatch feature allows you to: Browse the database of vendors Sort vendors by : domain / technology / expertise / country Receive and sort vendors profiles by technology, years of experience etc… Compare and evaluate vendors through the benchmark Download or upload documents and resume. Rate a vendor Submit smart brief Review, accept or decline vendors offers

Each project starts by a PitchandMatch analysis. We broadcast your project to our panel of vendors by taking into account the nature and specificities of your project. Then, PitchandMatch benchmark is the main tool to define the best offer that will fit you, through numerous points of evaluation such as: Team rating, Financial rating, Technical rating, Case Studies rating, Methodology and planning rating. For each benchmark, only the three best offers are selected, and a meeting is set up with each vendor in order for them to present and argue their proposals.

You are entirely free to contract with the vendor without any intervention from PitchandMatch after the proposal presentation.

The purpose of the smart-brief is to gather project requirements that will allow PitchandMatch to select the vendors.   You are encouraged to submit a smart-brief in order for PitchandMatch to understand your needs as well as possible.

Our goal is to match you with a great vendor that meet your expectations. We will contact you within 1 week to propose alternative solutions to ensure satisfaction engaging the vendor that will suit you.