Private Pitches

Once you have created a Pitch, it remains private. This means that it is only visible to the Providers you have integrated in your Enterprise Plan.

Your Enterprise Plan

PitchandMatch allows you to use the Platform as an internal tool for the management of your needs. This means that, if you wish, you can create Pitches in order to share them only with your regular Providers. The price of the license is 20 euros per provider per month but your Providers do not have to pay a success fee to PitchandMatch at all.

Make your Pitch public

Even if you did not integrate any Provider in your Enterprise Plan, you can choose, at any time, to share your Pitch with all the Providers registered on the Platform by clicking on "Make my Pitch public". This is completely free for you as a Client, only the Provider you eventually choose will have to pay a success fee to PitchandMatch (7.5% of the services invoiced).

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