Product development

You identified a market need and look for a vendor to accompany you in the product's development entire journey. We help you define your needs and compare the offers received. All for free.

How it works?

1/ Analyze

We analyze your need and we identify strong partners for you with a large range of solutions and passionate teams in order to get you the most relevant answer.

2/ Broadcast

We broadcast your need to our vendors panel. You benefit from the feedback of vendors with hundreds of projects delivered in various industries and technologies and get a synthesis of their offers in the form of a benchmark of the 3 best offers only : teams presentation and evaluation, case studies, financial rating, all essential aspects are taken in consideration in order to help you make your choice.

3/ Hire

We organized a presentation meeting with each of the three vendors so that they could argue their proposals. You have found the right vendor, you are free to contract with him without any intervention from PitchandMatch.

Entrust us with your project, it's free!

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