Public Pitches

When you decide to make your Pitch public (if you have the Enterprise Portal) or if you create a Pitch (without the Enterprise Portal), PitchandMatch will have to validate it. Even though Providers will have access to all the technical details of your Pitch, you will keep a certain level of anonymity during the different processes (unless you choose not to):

For staff augmentation Pitches (Time & Material/Recruitment)

The name of your company will only be displayed to Providers that show an interest in offering you their services (by using a token or signing our partnership agreement) and the contact details of the person in charge of the Pitch will only be provided after you accept to set an interview.

For fixed-price project Pitches

Only the top five Providers that are preselected by PitchandMatch will know the name of your company and only the three of them that you choose to shortlist for an interview will have access to your contact details.

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